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No Shortcuts

This is something I’ve been saying to the team lately.  It’s a good reminder — in this case as applied to bringing a disruptive product into an entrenched market.  Bottom line, there’s no easy way — other than to find partners that 1) believe in the vision, 2) are willing to invest in proving out the business model, and 3) have influence.

It’s the second point where the rubber meets the road.  It takes time to build trust, prove effectiveness and quantify profitability (for all parties).  There are no shortcuts.  It takes demos, samples, tests, pilots, integration, marketing, sales, distribution, etc.  It’s constantly executing and delivering on the vision.

It’s never more true than with enterprise sales, which is where real disruption takes place.  You have to work across the entire enterprise — the product and service you sell touches the entire organization, from operations to finance to sales to marketing, etc, etc.  Everyone has a stake so everyone needs to be see the benefits of the “disruption”.  Needless to say, that’s a tall task — to be compelling from so many perspectives and drivers.

I’m so intrigued by the parallels between the disruptive technologies I’ve been involved with my entire career — mostly internet related — and the wood staining world. 

Hello world.